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Write for Us: Guest Post Guidelines to Get Rolling

Hi, we're thrilled to see you're interested in writing a guest post for allprettybits! Writing for us is a great way to showcase your creativity and establish yourself as a quality content writer.

However, before you start, please take a minute to review our guest posting guidelines and get familiar with the type of content we like and how to pitch your ideas.

Guidelines for Guest Posting on allprettybits

First off, we're looking for guest post contributions that are interesting, comprehensive, a bit geeky but not too sciency, and educational. So if you want to get your work published on our blog, make sure to follow these guidelines:

  1. Your post needs to be original (not published anywhere else), relevant, and well-researched (only include claims that are backed by links from credible case studies and research).

  2. Your post should be at least 1,000-word long, with no grammar mistakes or repetitiveness.

  3. Your post should have:

    • A short introduction;
    • A body (provide facts, as well as actionable tips and steps to solving the problem);
    • A takeaway.
  4. Don't quote our competitors or use irrelevant or promotional links to random websites.

  5. You can include one or two links to your own blog (if you have one), as long as those links are contextual and provide additional, helpful information for our readers.

  6. Write shorter paragraphs that are easy to read and include subheadings and bullet points.

  7. We will need your short bio of no more than 180 characters.

  8. We do not accept paid links.

  9. We do not pay for guest posting on our blog.

The Topics We Like

allprettybits is an inexhaustible source of insightful tips, guides, and reviews in the health, skincare, and beauty sphere. We like compelling content that falls into any of the following categories:

Please browse through our posts and familiarize yourself with the topics, style, language, and tone we prefer.

How to Submit Your Guest Post Idea

Please do not submit fully-written posts, but pitch your ideas first. To show your interest and submit your guest post idea, email , with the subject line: Guest Post Proposal for allprettybits.

In the email, let us know who you are and what your motivation for guest posting is. Then, pitch at least three guest post ideas with short summaries.

Send us links to your previous work so that we can get an idea of your writing style. If you don't have any work published yet, no worries! You can send an excerpt of an article you wrote (no more than 300 words) in the attachments.

Once we respond and green light one of your ideas, you can send a draft. We reserve the right to make minor edits and changes (including graphics) to make the guest post the perfect fit for our blog.

Happy writing! :)